I shared all of my mentoring sessions with the wider management team and I feel that this has helped all of us think differently about how we approach things in the business, particularly the changes we were going through.

— Siobhan Morgan – COO Crooton

Leadership Team Coaching

No business can outperform its leadership team. Leadership Team Coaching will help you work more effectively together to drive growth in a thriving business.

As a sports coach will work with a whole team as well as honing the skills of individuals, or a conductor of an orchestra works on the collective sound as well as the unique parts, a leadership coach works with a team to help them understand how they can collectively work together in the best possible way to drive a business forward.

The programme is ideal for you if your team:

  • Is unclear how their work contributes to the company’s goals and strategies
  • Lacks understanding of their individual and collective strengths and how to use them to add value to the business
  • Does not fully trust each other, making difficult conversations and honest feedback a rarity
  • Communicates poorly amongst themselves and with internal and external stakeholders
  • Misses opportunities for learning and growth in response to a changing business landscape

Through Leadership Team Coaching, I will support your team to:

  • Grow as a high-performing unit that works together to achieve the company’s vision and boosts business growth
  • Understand and best utilise each other’s strengths and needs
  • Build trust so they can hold the honest conversations that the business needs to thrive
  • Develop team meetings that foster innovative thinking, leaving people more focused, energised and connected
  • Develop and implement a highly effective roadmap for success

The Process

Each of my team coaching programmes is tailored to the unique requirements of you and your team, but a typical team coaching engagement will last 4-5 months and includes:

STEP 1: Discovery

A Discovery Call with you, the founder or MD to understand challenges, clarify goals for coaching and metrics for success

STEP 2: Diagnostic Interviews and Assessments

We will start with 1:1 interviews with each team member to understand challenges, frustrations and positives and clarify expectations for the project. We will also carry out psychometric assessments at the individual and team level to understand team strengths and the roles each team member plays within the team. We can conclude with 1:1 interviews with stakeholders to understand the impact of their interactions with the team.

STEP 3: Full Day Team Offsite

A one day team to take time to connnect and build powerful relationships. It’s an incredibly useful way to leave behind the business as usual. Taking this time together allows you to properly address the complex and difficult topics that will power business growth over the long term.

We’ll start with a ebrief of the psychometric assessments to understand individual and team dynamics, followed by an examination of the team’s current performance, including:

  • Purpose and Motivation
  • External Systems and Processes
  • Relationships
  • Internal Systems and Processes
  • Learning
  • Leadership

We finish with a clear definition of the team’s success metrics for the future, and create a team development roadmap and implementation plan.

STEP 4: 3 Months’ Implementation Support

We hold monthly team coaching sessions to provide accountability and support in implementation of the team development roadmap. Additional 1:1 coaching for the founder and other team members is provided as required.

STEP 5: Review

The programme ends with a half-day team offsite review to review impact, assess progress, and recalibrate the development roadmap to ensure your team’s continued success.

Your Investment

From £5,000 + VAT dependent on the size of the team.

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