The coaching I received from Emily gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to take my business to the next level. As an experienced businesswoman herself I felt she had a depth of understanding of the issues I faced.

— Libby Summers – Founder – Stamford Strings

I’m a founder & leadership coach, business mentor and culture development consultant for ambitious SME founders and leaders. I specialise in working with companies up to fifty people.

I began my career in the corporate world before creating and running my own online retail business for over a decade, taking it from its foundations to successful sale.

I subsequently qualified as an executive coach and mentor so that I could combine coaching and mentoring approaches with help a wealth of first-hand business experience to help other business leaders facing similar challenges to those I had overcome, particularly around strategy, leadership, and culture development.

As I know from my own experience, having your own business combines exhilarating highs and challenging lows. My mission is to accompany you on your business growth journey to help you build more growth, with less stress in a business you love.

I will help you move from the lone wolf of the start-up trenches to the architect and builder of operational excellence in your organisation; supporting you to elevate your own leadership skills and partnering with you to build a healthy and high-performing team and workplace culture that unlocks your business’ full potential.

As a business owner, you know that the people in your organisation are your most valuable asset. I can work with you to identify and address any issues that may be impacting your teams’ function and help you implement strategies to build a culture of trust, collaboration, and high performance where every member of staff is fully equipped and supported to reach their full potential.

In our work together, I will challenge and support you in equal measure, helping you build the confidence and resilience you need as a leader to make informed decisions and take the bold action needed to achieve business growth. My blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting helps my clients achieve their goals more quickly, fully, and with greater peace of mind, knowing that I’m there to hold them accountable every step of the way.

As a professionally qualified coach and mentor, I hold the ILM Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring and the Senior Practitioner Level Accreditation with the EMCC. I am a Licensed Firework Career Coach and an accredited DISC practitioner.

Based in Stamford in the UK, and I work with clients across the UK and internationally.

Outside work I can often be found playing the bassoon in local orchestras – exploring leadership, culture and team dynamics from a musical perspective!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and unlock your full potential, let’s connect and start a conversation today.

Remember, your business is yours, but you don’t have to build it alone.